Home Page FAQ

How do I check if I fall into the LTE-A coverage area?
www.x A coverage map is available on our website streamconnect.co.za/Lte-A where you can type in your
address to see if you fall under a broad LTE-A coverage area.
What if I fall just out of the coverage area, can I still purchase the LTE-A service?
Give us a call to arrange a signal test; if successful we can sign you up. Some of our clients still get amazing
signal even though the map shows they’re not in the coverage area!
Do I need to RICA the SIM card?
Yes. You will need to produce your ID and proof of address that is less than three months old. We will RICA
the SIM card for you upon delivery of your router.
How do I Top-up my account?
Should you deplete your monthly data cap, you will be redirected to our website where you can top up your
account with a data bundle ranging from 1GB to 20GB which will be valid for 30days from date of purchase.
Can I migrate between packages?
Yes  You will be able to migrate between packages i.e. upgrade or downgrade. The migration will take
place in the following month. For example if the you decide to migrate from the 120GB to 220GB package on
20th June, the migration will take effect on 1st July.
How do I view my usage?
Go to our website, click on the client zone tab, sign-in and VOILA! All your deets will be there.
Can I carry over my monthly inclusive data?
No  any unused monthly inclusive data will be forfeited at the end of that calendar month. Top-up data
will expire 30days from the date of purchase.
Order of depletion?
Top-up data bundles will deplete first, followed by the monthly inclusive data.
Will I be able to connect to the Internet if I insert my LTE-A SIM into another device?
No  the LTE-SIM and Router are linked and therefore work as a single unit.
Can I move my router to a different location?
Yes  provided that you are within our LTE coverage area.